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Read The Docs (RTD) hosts documentation, making it fully searchable and easy to find.

To get started, create an account on RTD and import your project via a link to your git repository.

For simple projects (no complex dependencies), you don’t need to configure much. RTD uses sphinx by default so it should be straightforward.

However, if your project needs to install several dependencies, you will need to install them via pip or conda.

You can configure RTD in 2 ways:

  • configure RTD in the web interface and specify a requirements file (that should be in your project source code)
  • include a readthedocs.yml in your project source code root folder

Then you can specify what packages to install on the RTD environment via pip, conda, or both:

  • pip: specify the requirements file on the web interface or in the readthedocs.yml
  • conda: specify the path for the conda environment.yml in the readthedocs.yml
  • conda + pip: specify the path for the conda environment.yml in the readthedocs.yml and include pip dependencies

Below you will find an example of the third option which is the most flexible one.

        docs # documentation folder
                environment.yml # conda settings
        myproject # source code folder
        readthedocs.yml # RTD settings
# readthedocs.yml

    file: docs/environment.yml
# environment.yml

name: my-project-env # this is just a name for the environment
  - sphinx_rtd_theme
  - python=3.5
  - pyqt=4
  - numpy
  - pip:
      - sphinx
      - recommonmark